What is SCM BizConnect ?

SCM BIZCONNECT is the first service oriented online,B2B initiative in India.This initiative is being showcased by AARM SCM SOLUTIONS Pvt.Ltd which redefines the supply chain management in India.This web based software aims at logistics management, warehouse management which minimises Transportation cost and maximises Profit.The portal also interconnects the AR indirect tax management and other functions.

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When Jagannathan started his business nearly six years ago, his startup handled supply chain management dealing with receivables and C-forms. After his participation in The Power of Ideas, it is now and end-to-end supply chain management solutions company handling all inbound and outbound dispatches of a B2B nature.



Information Sharing to Extend,Demand to Wider,Supply Based,Minimize Cost,Eliminate Idle Time,Assure Profits,Track Delivery,Achieve Six Sigma quality.


Delivery Forecast,Assign lowest bids,Release delivery order,Track vechicle & delivery,Digitise documents,Focus accounts receivable,Manage transport.


Institute & organization methods among internal and external value chain members,Linked performance metrics,co-ordinated Business Plans,Joint Problem Resolutions.

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Scm Junction

Innovative management through Partnerships, Competitions, Communication and transparent pricing model, which enhances value chain productivity.


Aaumconnect is a vehicle tracking device which ensures real-time tracking of vehicles.Aaumconnect aims at providing a cost effective solution.

AR Focused

Focussed follow up management, aimed at improving cash-flows, enhancing sales team productivity and prevent bad debt shocks by escalations.

Document Digisitzed

Document Management improves the storage and retrieval of all related documents on a real time.This supports logistics, AR, AP, C-Form, GST and all workflows on the supplychain.

GST Workflow

Focus on effective management of credits in CGST, LGST, IGST from the plan stage.Compliance of filing returns, Appeals etc. Interactive chat room, facilitates exchange of concepts & concerns.

B2B Customer Services

Customer Services Logitics Facilitates Customer Relationship managemnet by one point help desk for all complaints on product, service, commercial and other B3B customers.