What is SCM (Supply Chain Management)

According to the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP), Supply Chain Management encompasses the planning and management of all activities involved in sourcing, procurement, conversion, and logistics management. It also includes the crucial components of coordination and collaboration with channel partners, which can be suppliers, intermediaries, third-party service providers, and customers. In essence, supply chain management integrates supply and demand management within and across companies.

From Cash Flow and Liability Management perspective, Supply Chain Management can be extended to AR management, and the Indirect Tax Liabilities, which has a direct bearing on the Profitability and Customer Interface.

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The Core Components of the typical Supply Chain Management Solution include:

Customer Service: Customer details, their requirements, demands and feedback on products and services can be stored and tracked. This information is available across the supply chain network and can be analyzed to forecast demand, understand requirements etc.

Planning: Organizations can analyze and study customer data and feedback to plan and take production decisions, inventory decisions that include quantity, quality of goods etc. They can also plan their daily production and distribution schedules, decide on the supplier, and take transportation, storage and warehousing decisions. Organizations can generate comprehensive analysis and trend reports

Vendor Management: Enables organizations to store details of suppliers and vendors. The performance of individual suppliers can be measured and monitored.

Order Management: Manages the order fulfillment process for organizations. This includes recording and tracking of orders from the time of order placement to fulfillment. Orders from multiple channels can be captured and the time taken to process each order can be monitored.

Transportation: Organizations can store details of transportation modes, select the transportation mode best suited to their needs, store transport details such as cost, start date, date of expected delivery, transport route , Bid and Counter Bids to get the best Pricingetc. Goods in transit can be tracked through the system.

Warehousing: Includes storing details of warehouses such as location, capacity, type of inventory etc. The SCM enables the tracking of inventory stored in the warehouse and place orders in time. Enables organizations to control all warehousing activities.

Accounts Receivables: Tracking Due Dates, providing Invoice details for Over dues, Follow-up of AR, escalation of high Risk customers, withholding supplies, Legal process, Reconciliation of AR ledgers etc.

Document Management: Scanning of Link Documents, Retrieval on real time basis, Online verification of documents for Vendor payments, and collections, tracking delivered consignments.

Indirect Tax Management: Collection of Concessional Forms, Indirect Tax assessment, filing Returns etc.

The supply chain management solutions provide the following benefits to organizations:

• Enables organizations to make better and informed decisions, such as forecasting demand and supply, through a better understanding of the supply chain processes.

• Streamlines business processes leading to increased productivity and improved performance.

• Provides for faster response time thereby enhancing customer satisfaction.

• Global supply chain management systems enable real-time exchange of data and information between concerned parties in the supply chain network.

• Enables organizations to efficiently monitor status of inventories ensuring that orders for the right quantities are placed.

• The movement of goods can be tracked at all times ensuring on time and safe delivery of products.

• A supply chain management solution helps in increasing inventory turnover resulting in reduced costs of products.

• Offers mechanisms for better and effective communication between supply chain partners.

• Reduces paper work and administration costs as orders are placed and accessed electronically.

• Reduces errors arising from the manual way for recording and tracking data and processes.

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Scm Junction

Innovative management through Partnerships, Competitions, Communication and transparent pricing model, which enhances value chain productivity.


Aaumconnect is a vehicle tracking device which ensures real-time tracking of vehicles.Aaumconnect aims at providing a cost effective solution.

AR Focused

Focussed follow up management, aimed at improving cash-flows, enhancing sales team productivity and prevent bad debt shocks by escalations.

Document Digisitzed

Document Management improves the storage and retrieval of all related documents on a real time.This supports logistics, AR, AP, C-Form, GST and all workflows on the supplychain.

GST Workflow

Focus on effective management of credits in CGST, LGST, IGST from the plan stage.Compliance of filing returns, Appeals etc. Interactive chat room, facilitates exchange of concepts & concerns.

B2B Customer Services

Customer Services LogiticsFacilitates Customer Relationship managemnet by one point help desk for all complaints on product, service, commercial and other B3B customers.